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Stock Codes - SGX: BLS | Bloomberg: HIH:SP |Reuters: HOTU.SI

Hotung  Investment  Holdings  Limited  (“Hotung”)  and  together  with  its subsidiaries and  associate company (the “Group”) is  a  premier  venture capital investment group, with more than 30 years of investment and fund management experience.

The Group’s  core  business  is  its  venture capital  business  in  Taiwan, China,  and Silicon  Valley. Leveraging  on  its  expertise  and investment strategies,   Hotung,  invests  in  innovative   and  promising  businesses globally  and  across  a  variety of  industries, that aim to improve general living standards. With  a focus on companies that  are in the start-up  and expansion  stages   of  development,   Hotung  works   with  its   investee companies   to  build   their  business.   Tapping  on   its  strong  network, resources and experience, Hotung is able to support the breakthrough in its  investee  companies’ products  and services and  grow along  with its investees.

The  Group’s  fund  management business manages third party funds  as well  as  the  funds  generated  from its venture capital business. With  its strong  track  record  and  sound  investment strategy,  Hotung has  been engaged  by  the Taiwanese government since 2011, to  participate in  its investment  programmes.  The  Chairman  of the  Group  was elected the Chairman of Taiwan Venture Capital Association since 2014.

To date, the Group has had around 200 successful IPOs  listed on  major stock exchanges in the world, including Nasdaq / NYSE.

Hotung has been listed on the Mainboard of the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited (“SGX-ST”) since 1997.