Corporate vision and core values

To enhance living standard of mankind by providing fund, experience, know-how and talents to the investee companies in order to nourish advanced technology and good services of these companies.

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If the investee companies are ready for listing, which stock exchanges are preferred?

Depends on which stock market participants can better recognize the value and potential of our investee companies.

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What would be the exit strategy for the investments?

HIHL always like to grow with the investees. Our management will execute the exit plan at the best timing that can maximize the shareholder interest through IPO, M&A, Trade Sale, or Redemption.

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Hotung as a premier venture capital, what’s the investment strategy and criteria?

  1. Investment criteria

    We invest mainly in prefer A, prefer B stage shares for a horizon of 3 – 7 years, in the industries which we possess experience and network. We are aiming to invest in companies whose potential growth rate exceed 25% annually.

  2. Specialized industries

    Semiconductor industry is one of the most successful industries in Taiwan. Hotung has more than 20 successful IPOs in the market, which also contributes the majority profit to HIHL.

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